The Latino Culinary Institute was created to explore the native ingredients of Latin American and discover the secrets to creating delectable food and sharing them with the public through cooking demonstrations at special events and festivals.   


    As a true Foodie I’m fascinated by the diverse ingredients and how fast Latino cuisine continues to grow in popularity.  This interest has generated a huge demand for expertise in Latino cuisine. We now have a wider variety of new products and recipes that are readily available throughout the country.


     Culinary history shows that Latin America has contributed native ingredients that are essential to the culinary world today with such as:  tomatoes, corn, avocados, and cacao. What would we do without chocolate; life is certainly richer with chocolate.    

Our culinary process can be customized to meet your specific project goals that are consumer-tested to meet the unique flavor profile and preferences of the general and Latin foodies.

Catering with Custom Seasonal Menus

cucumber cups with chicken salad

fresh. local. delicious


Vive la Mañana - UniMas 49

Tacos Acapulco


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